Leatherwood Bass & Bass Extra

    Extra Dry Climate | Extra Cold climate | Darker sound | Massive Presence

    BASS EXTRAは、BASSの特徴にプラスアルファを加え たものです。

    より強いベース、より強い粘り、より強い引っ掛 かり、より深いトーン。
    非常に寒く乾燥した気候や、プレイヤーや演奏する音楽が 強さを必要とする場合など、さらなる粘りが必要とされる シチュエーションのために作られました。

    Leatherwood BASS is the ultimate multipurpose, heavy orchestral rosin that is designed to suit all players, in all styles, in all climates. There are two recipes available: BASS and BASS EXTRA

    Heavy Orchestral | Auditions | Solo | Chamber

    BASS is an all-purpose, all-climate rosin designed for heavy orchestral playing with reduced string noise. Suiting students and professionals, BASS feels smooth and velvety across the string with plenty of bite and power on the lower strings. BASS is everything you want, everywhere you play.

    Extra Dry Climate | Extra Cold climate | Darker sound | Massive Presence

    BASS EXTRA is everything offered by BASS, plus more. Extra Bass, Extra Stick, Extra bite, Extra depth of tone when the music demands all the impact you can give. BASS EXTRA is created for situations where extra stickiness is required; very cold and dry climates, or where the music really demands it.

    What Bass Players think:

    "This rosin is perfect! I've used it both at my orchestra job and at auditions, and I've never had such a sound quality and precise control, even in stressful conditions. Congratulations!" - Andrea, Italy (BASS)

    "I really like this rosin! It sounds somehow warmer and rounder than other rosins, and it gives more contact with the string across the whole bow. It is also long lasting; I have recently played with it twice in a row without needing to reapply. I absolutely find it better than other rosins I have used." - Boris, Netherlands (BASS EXTRA)

    "It’s been a few weeks with the new rosin. BASS is awesome! It draws a huge, powerful, and focused tone. Even on my jazz oriented steel strings, it is clear, focused, and powerful. I’m sold!" Adam, USA (BASS)

    "I love the consistent and secure punch!" - Darija, Vienna (BASS EXTRA)

    "This rosin gives a lot of warmth, with a smooth sensation and contact. I tried it out on a very tense bass, squaky and difficult to tame, and this rosin made it sound smooth and warm. I''m sold!" - Viviane, Belgium (BASS)

    "This rosin has the perfect softness, not too squishy nor too hard, with a firm and secure grip, optimal for orchestral playing." - Giorgio, Italy (BASS)


    Leatherwood BASS has a powerful, sticky attack, with a large and broad tone, yet it retains the same smoothness and ease of use of the Amber Range. BASS offers great reliability and durability in heavy orchestral playing. If you're looking for a rosin with those characteristics, then this is something for you. BASS is the reliable, heavy duty rosin for everyday use.

    The Amber Range rosins provide a clear, rich and noble tone with a smooth sensation under the bow, minimising bow noise. The Amber Range is for the most highly demanding and refined players, who wish to accurately fine tune their tone and playing experience, through choosing a combination of recipes from a wide palette of choices on offer.

    BASS offers great reliabilty and durability in heavy orchestral playing. If you're looking for a rosin with those characteristics, then this is something for you. What it lacks in shimmer compared to the amber range is compensated by its versatility. BASS is the rosin for general, reliable everyday use.

    BASS and BASS EXTRA are optimised to work best in tempeature controlled concert halls and studios. The ideal temperature range is 18-23 degrees Celsius.

    In warmer weather, above 24 degrees Celsius, these rosins start to become softer and lose grip, which can result on a waxy feel on the bow hair. For outdoor concerts in warm weather they may not be ideal.

    In colder weather, both BASS and BASS EXTRA will perform well, but will feel harder in the hand. In very cold and dry conditions, BASS EXTRA will perform better as a strong orchestral rosin.

    Yes! The amber range rosins, with all of their percentage grades are, will always be available, as they offer quite a different playing and customisation experience. BASS and BASS EXTRA are not replacing the Amber Range.

    BASS and BASS EXTRA are very different recipes when compared to the Amber Range When comparing the softness grade of the recipes, BASS is most like Amber Range 50%, and BASS EXTRA most like 60%. However, they generate a stronger grip on the strings, with far more focus on deeper tonal colours.

    The silicone rectangular container ensures ease of application together with preservation of your rosin. The recommended method is by starting with short, firm strokes on the short corner edge in order to create a slight grove, followed by full application through a long stroke afterwards. See the video below for demonstration.

    BEST heavy orchestral rosin for double bass?!?

    How to Use and Care for Bass Rosin


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