Baroque Cello
Baroque Cello

Baroque Cello

Premium, hand-crafted & beautiful Sustainably sourced materials Customisation options 2-5 years high frequency use


Specially formulated for gut strings, the gentle but clean attack and smoother traction allows the string to resonate freely with maximum clarity. Baroque rosin makes a bright, clear sound with a feeling that the bow is quicker on the string and makes it easier to play fast with more clarity. The smoother traction allows the string to be played with more intensity without distortion and also reduce the ‘squeak’ often encountered with using modern rosins on gut.

Leatherwood Rosin's baroque instrument blends are:

  • Baroque Violin: Violin with gut strings, treble and small Viols
  • Baroque Viola : Viola with gut strings, Tenor Viol and Viola d'Amore
  • Baroque cello: Cello with gut strings, Bass viol
  • Viola da Gamba: especially formulated for this instrument
  • G-Violone: especially formulated for this instrument

Your baroque recipe will generally last 2-5 years with intensive use.


Choose from our selection of Australian-sourced craft timbers. These timbers are ethically farmed and harvested, and showcase the most exciting grain patterns, figures and colours. With timbers such as Huon Pine, Blackheart Sassafras, Tasmanian Myrtle and Rosewood, you can enjoy the the most unique rosin you will ever have!


Our Premium Australian Leather is sustainably and ethically sourced from Australian farms. This leather is soft and beautiful, with have natural marks and blemishes that mean each small rosin wrap carries its own unique pattern and markings. We also welcome the views of those who don't want to use animal products, and offer a linen rosin bag as an alternative.


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